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Shipping and returns

Delivery of Goods

1. commits to deliver goods within 30 days (within the territory of Lithuania) to the indicated address after the confirmation of order placement. The Client will be informed about goods’ being out of stock. The Client agrees that on some occasions the delivery might be late due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case promises to inform the Client about the unforeseen circumstances and to renegotiate the delivery of the goods with the Client.

2. The Client promises to receive the goods personally. In the case where the Client cannot receive the goods personally and the goods are delivered to the indicated address, the Client does not have the right to make claim the delivery was to the wrong recipient.

3. The goods ordered on are delivered by Lithuanian LP EXPRESS. LP EXPRESS deliver items from 8AM to 6PM. Items are not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

4. If due to the Client’s fault or due to circumstances depending on the Client, LP EXPRESS cannot deliver the goods, the Client must collect the goods at the closest (according to address) branch of AB “Lithuanian Post”. If the Client fails to collect the goods after 3 notifications, the goods are returned to and the Client has no right to make a claim about the delivery being late.

5. The Client must immediately inform via email or phone if the goods were not delivered within 5 days from the confirmation of delivery being received from

6. The Client must immediately inform if the goods were delivered in damaged packaging, if the goods delivered are not those ordered, or if the amount of delivered goods is wrong, or if the set of goods is wrong, if they are of the wrong shape or size.

7. In all cases where the packaging of goods is damaged (wet, torn, etc.), the Client has to mention this in the confirmation of delivery, or to send a separate statement about the damaged packaging. If the Client records the details of the damage in the delivery confirmation, is released from responsibility for damage of goods.

8. Delivery in Lithuania: delivers items for 3 EUR (10 Lt) per item in Lithuania. If you collect items at your nominated post office, it costs 2 EUR (7 Lt).

9. Goods can be picked at the office “Kineras” in Vilnius, Lithuania. You will not be charged for delivery.

10. Delivery to foreign countries depends on the country: LP EXPRESS delivers items to 79 foreign countries. Items are delivered to the EU countries from 9 EUR (30 Lt), to the rest of the world from 32 EUR (110 Lt). Parcels are delivered to Clients personally. International deliveries are made within the shortest time possible.


Return Policy

1. The Client may return the goods that they do not like. The expense of returning the goods will be covered by the Client.

2. The goods may be returned or exchanged only when the goods meet following standards:

  1. they were not used;
  2. they were not damaged;
  3. their usefulness is preserved;
  4. they are saleable;
  5. damage to packaging necessary for the examination of the goods will not render the goods unsaleable;
  6. they do not belong to the list of goods that cannot be exchanged or returned at the Client’s request.

3. When returning items, the Client must present a receipt.

4. The items will be changed or returned after the Client fills in the form sent after the Client approaches us via e-mail.

5. The items will be changed or returned in 20 days after receiving a written statement from the Client that they want to breach the buying – selling contract.

6. In cases when the items are changed and there is a price difference between the initial and final choice of items, the Client commits to pay the price difference by transferring money to the account specified by

7. In cases when has no items to exchange for the initial order, will return the Client’s money, excluding delivery cost.

8. Items, sold on special offers or sale are non-returnable.