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Weightlessness 515285


Choose a size

120 €

Painting would well decorate your interior, help it to become original and unique. Time for painting to be ready is from 15 to 20 days. Although, our painters can execute any your idea or imagination under the order.

Picture "Weightlessness", as a work of authorship, is painted by hand using only natural oils by professional artist in a technique of oil painting on canvas.

In your order you are going to receive:

1. A picture from 5 modules already stained on wooden subframes.
2. Fasteners for wooden subframes for mounting on the wall.
3. Sturdy packing.
Time required for fabrication is 15 to 20 days depending on size of the painting.
Also, our artisit are capable of executing any your idea or wish under an order.

Sizes of modules depending on the painting size:

Small (110x70)

Medeum (160х90)

                   Most frequent order


Large (185х100)


25х40 - 2 modules

35х50 - 2 modules

40х60 - 2 modules

20х55 - 2 module

30х70 - 2 module

35х80 - 2 module

20х70 - 1 module

30х90 - 1 module

35х100 - 1 module

Imoportant! Remember about additional 5-10 sm of added up distance between the modules.